Junior/Adolescent Developmental Periods

Puppy Developmental periods


Junior /Adolescent

Flight Instinct/Exploration 16 weeks - 8 months old.
Re-Call will need proofing again — use a long line to manage & stop mistakes (dog should be in a well fitted harness).

Juvenile Puberty 5-14 months old. Breed Specific Behaviours/Motor Patterns kick in' — management (no Chasing) & Premack.

Premack — waiting for the dog to offer a perceived lower reinforcing behaviour to get a higher reinforcing behaviour ie/ stop & relax = you can sniff something or offer a sit (not cued by you) = door, gate opens & dog gets access.

Hunting, Hormones & Hijacking. Arousal increases. Dogs are very sensitive at this age. Take good care of them. It is advisable that young males are protected from adult dogs that growl, bark, lunge or attack them. The adult dog can smell the testosterone. Walk, hang out with female dogs as this stage will pass. If allowed off lead they MUST have a good re-call — NOT — help yourself to a dog / other trigger first!! Crucial.

Adolescent & Second Fear Stage 5-14 months

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