Nigel and Monty (off lead behaviour)

Monty was a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy when I met Paws in the Pink and Kiri & I learnt how to have some control of our lovable, boisterous and enthusiastic puppy.

Unfortunately, a few months after our puppy training had finished, things started to go downhill a bit.  Monty was enjoying himself too much off the lead, bothering other dogs, and disappearing, when he picked up the scent of a deer, a pheasant or a squirrel.  He was also being ‘bullied’ by other dogs who didn’t seem to like his size, and the fact he was ‘intact’.

Kiri  made several suggestions, including getting a Suprelorin implant for Monty, so that we could see how reduced testosterone affected him; keeping him on the lead much more; really working at re-establishing my relationship with Monty; and having a handful of 1-1 sessions with Kiri, both at her premises and also where we take Monty for walks.  It all worked really well.  

Eventually, we took the plunge and had Monty neutered.  He’s now able to spend longer off the lead on our walks; is much more manageable around other dogs; and he is far more reliable at recall than he was. Kiri’s relaxed and knowledgeable help has been invaluable.  I know that Monty and I still have a lot of learning to do, but we’re in a much better place than we were when I asked Kiri to help us.  I also now have a much better understanding of what Monty needs from me, to help him as he matures and continues to develop.”