Linda, Robin & Wellington (behaviour and training)

We were desperate to find help for our golden retriever puppy Wellington who at 12 weeks was jumping, biting and getting over excited very quickly.

Even as experienced dog owners we were at the point of being frightened of this little ‘delinquent thug’ puppy. Kiri came to our house initially and worked with us and Wellie teaching us how to de escalate and prevent situations with management techniques to help his over emotional responses. She used calm positive reinforcement and distraction and almost immediately we started to see a different dog.

We followed up the 1 to 1 session by attending the excellent weekly puppy training which again really helped teach us as well as him how to work together. We have sought Kiri’s expert help at further stages of Wellington’s  development (teenage months!).

We would recommend anyone who has concerns over their pets behaviour or just wants good puppy/dog training to seek support from Paws in the Pink as we now have a rather wonderful, if occasionally loopy, 2 and a half year old family pet and without Kiri’s help it could have been a very different outcome.