Rosie -Working Cocker Spaniel (re-call, re-engagement & connection)

I initially took my new puppy, Rosie, (Working Cocker Spaniel / Labrador cross to a Puppy Class run by Kiri. This got us off to a flying start; I really loved Kiri’s reward based training and her obvious love for what she does and her total compassion and commitment to the puppies / dogs in her care.

Just as I was feeling very smug with myself about how six weekly sessions of training, together with my consistent follow up training, had ensured I had the perfect dog…..disaster struck!  Rosie hit doggie teenage years!! 

I suddenly had a dog with no impulse control and a crazy nose for scents!  I felt ridiculously inadequate and helpless to have ‘lost’ my dog mentally (and sometimes physically)! 

I rang up Kiri very soon after I realised things were not going to plan.  I had two lots of three 1-1 sessions and everything changed.

Kiri was fantastic at explaining Rosie’s behaviour and helping me with positive tools to assist me with improving the impulse control.  I learnt so much in those sessions it was truly like an epiphany for me. I would really recommend Kiri to anyone.

Rosie has improved dramatically and I feel so proud and thankful to Kiri that I managed to avert training disaster!