Mikhaila & Jaxon- (training to qualify to be an assistant dog)

Jaxon and I started our journey with Kiri in September 2017. We enrolled on her puppy class, it was amazing, her training methods are brilliant, insightful and covered so much. We progressed to Kiri’s junior training and had a great time developing our skills together in a fun environment. Jaxon used to get so excited when we would get the Paws in the Pink training bag out.

Sometimes I struggled to do a training exercise so Kiri would adapt it and was very mindful of making sure every aspect of training worked with Jaxon and I.

Since then Kiri, Jaxon and I moved on to Assistance Dog training in partnership with Dog AID (Assistance In Disability). I meet with Kiri every few weeks to continue our training journey with and will do until we are a fully qualified team.

Kiri is a very knowledgeable trainer and will always strive to do the best she can to help you and your dog. She has experience in so many different areas and pulls on all of her expert knowledge to adapt training to suit you and your dogs needs.